Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | November 12, 2008

Puffle Training

Training begins at the Dojo on November 17. We have all been thinkin that we r gonna learn to b ninjas. im not so sure. after observin the progress of the dig i believe that the dojos true purpose is so that our puffles can learn proper manners. there r already ten puffles visable adorning the outside of the building. i mean could ninjas possibly like puffles that much?dojotrain



  1. that is a good point
    draw the circles in a different colour though

  2. hm…. y would puffles need good manners? we walk them, they know how to dance, eat, do tricks, take baths, and really, we all like to decorate with puffles! i mena, they r just ADORABLE!

  3. aaw that would b dumb!!!

  4. i still have 263 more minutes of cp play time.

  5. u time yourself?

  6. she gets timed by her parents. only allowed so much time for cp and between certain hrs. its horrible.

  7. I might be a ninja would you?

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