Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | October 29, 2008

Cord’s Chamber of Horrors part II


Von Penguinstien had been an invention of the mad scientist Dr. Gadgeckle. The mad scientist had robbed the graves of many expired penguins collecting their body parts to create the penguin prototype Von Penguinstien. The experment had been Dr. Gadgeckle’s finest moment. He had produced a breathing being that looked like a penguin, only much larger, and with a strange green parlor from the lack of flowing blood. He thought that his creation was perfect until he realized that the connections that he had made in the brain were not functioning properly.

Von Penguinstien functioned like a real penguin. He was super strong. He was kind hearted. But, since the brain refused to work properly his actions were sometimes questioned. Dr. Gadgeckle was tormented by the townspeople of the penguin island to leave the creation of life to the great Penguin God. Finally in dispare, when he could not make the brain work as it should, he and several of the town’s men led Von Penguinstien to the  Crystal Cave and sealed his body into the frozen ice formations. Perhaps one day the scientist would find the proper way to connect the brain and the creation could be realeased from the tomb and be given a proper mind.

The storm was roaring in penguin ears as they awoke from a restless night. The rain, sleet, and snow had covered the island with a white veil. Lightening pierced the sky.  As the penguins dressed in their rain gear, sweaters, scarves, and gloves they could not imagine the sight that would meet their eyes when they opened the doors of their igloos.

The white ground was dotted with the bodies of their tiny colorful puffle pets. Their lifeless bodies had frozen in death. Upon closer examination the penguins saw that their tiny necks had been pierced by fangs. This could only mean one thing…Count Dracula Peng had returned to their peaceful village. Years ago the vampire penguin had plagued their village and had almost  made the little fluffy creatures extinct by his thirst for their blood.

The townspeople collected the tiny creatures and buried their carcasus in the pet cementary south of town. They didn’t know what they should do so they contacted the invisible moderator penguins that lived in the extreme northeast corner of the island. The moderators were responsible for keeping the quaint village safe. No one had met these keepers of peace but whenever there was a problem that could not be solved within the penguin community they were easily contacted by pressing a special button only available to the adult penguins in the community. The moderators called an emergency meeting to discuss how they would rid the remote island of the vampire penguin. They were unaware that the problem they faced was much larger than anyone could imagine. Not only was the puffle blood sucking monster on the loose again, but, also a huge green monster was headed towards the town.

 Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the spine tingling conclusion of Von Penguinstien Returns From the Dead



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