Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | October 19, 2008

Zachary Red

Zachary Red
Build your own Blingee

Some days im sorta at a loss as to wat to post, some days i wake up and know exactly wat im gonna write bout, and then some days i wake up and think i owe zac one! that was today. as some of u know zac and i have been havin a lil luffers tiff. but, i really do lave him so i thought is time to show him just how special he is. hugs zac. mwah!!!! i hope u like it.
for those of u that don’t know zac hes my husband on cp. we got some kids, he graciously adopted the clan that came with me when we got married in one of the most awsomest weddins cp has eva seen. then just recently we had twins. (zac has a twin bro named anthony blue and a sis named queen22rocks) cordially jr and zac red jr r our lil bay bays. last night zac was spoilin them rotten. he gave cordy jr a ring. shes been runnin round goin doddy laves me! then he gave zac jr a train. iv had to watch that train goin round the track all night long! jr keeps goin choo choo!!!! i lave my doddy. it’s not even christmas or their bday…wat is zac thinkin?
well hunny, i hope u like ur blingee.



  1. Cool bingee. u may never see me again
    my mom left me for church and so im gonna walk or ride my bike there. wish me luck!

  2. i am scared to death

  3. U shuld put a lil kiss on the beak (is that how u spell it? and I know beak sounds weird hmm… mouth?) of the penguin. it comes out cute 😉

  4. wait wat? im confused…

  5. hiya it’s hikooly1

  6. no it’s not. You half to have the username hikooly1 like I do.

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