Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | October 15, 2008

Club Penguin in Portugese

Club Penguin has added a server where u can play cp in portugese. buddy boy465 and me went to go play there. this is us playin futebol americano. i had no idea wat i was sayin there, but it was fun. is portugese like spanish cuz i dont get y they selected that language ova spanish. im sure there will b more languages to come. maybe i’ll bcome bilingual.



  1. Yello cord!! Portugese is a lot like spanish! In spanish, soccer is Futbol Americano, wich is american football, wich is footbal…not soccer ^^ I went on it too and took some pics for my blog, I don’t hav to wrry so much cuz portugese is a lil like spanish. This will prob help us learn portugese and other languages!!!! ^^

  2. u only speak 1 languague cord?!?! im almost speaking 3. i know 2 rite now and im learning another. and kool a Portugese server!

  3. lol

  4. WOOHOO!!! You made my comment idea into a post! I feel loved… 🙂

  5. its FUTBOL americano. lol thats remedial spanish 2 talkin. wait is there like a button or something you push to change languages? confused….

    ~love Katie~

  6. unless futebol is the portugese way to spell it… idk portugese.

  7. no its the same as English im portugues i used to go to Portugues school its not that fun bye cord.


  8. sighz blueofcourse is portugese. btw i posted tht same post =((((((((( im sad.
    p.s. noone ever comments on my blog ='(

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