Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | October 10, 2008

Breaking News!!!!

It is 8:20 pm October 10, 2008 on Club Penguin the land of Ice Palace and Rockhopper was just spotted at the lighthouse beacon. Heatbolt was the first to see the Migrator on the horizon! Rockhopper is comin!!!! Woot!



  1. ok so i found out how everything started with my bf’s on cp…… it all started when i met longhorn. longhorn sounds like some perverted name and its intention probably was to be just that but we dated for like a week or something stupid and then he cheated on me so my rebound was fly; longhorns friend. i met fly and we dated for a while and i really enjoyed his company and thought he was smart and sweet and everything and then he cheated on me too. i was like are you serious? again?? so then i couldnt take the cheating and even though i still had feelings for him i met cord who introduced me to raz. when i met raz i really liked him- he was sweet and gave me too many cards and it was just funny cause u could tell he was tryin to hard and i wanted to tell him to slow down and watevs cause he didnt need to do all the things he was doin to impress me. so THEN fly came back and i still had feelings for him so i talked it out and i ended up resolving stuff and finding out i really was over fly and liked raz but THEN i found out from ppl that raz was cheating on me and i was like wtf this is the 3rd time and the worst part was that i really liked him too. so THEN i was like i cant do this. i didnt want to talk to him and i just wanted to end it before i started liking him even more. so we both got into a BIG fight and broke up. he accused me of leaving him for fly but i wasnt. the next day raz told me he had a new gf yani. i was shocked b/c i DEF had NOT gotten over him and was really missing him and hurt that he had cheated on me even though he denied it. so i told myself i would hate yani forev but then i got to know yani and i liked her cause she was chill or watev but i still wished she wasnt with raz. so now im over raz im over fly im over longhorn(but that was like forever ago) and i wanted to tell everyone cause ppl are flipping out that im back and theyre like HIDE RAZ FROM YANI and im like sad cause i wanna talk to raz but idk how cause no one believes me. so ya. OMG do u guys know james dean? the actor from like the 30s? he is so hot! AH i love him but he died in a car crash when he was like twenty or something which is extremely sad but i still heart him and nick jonas and #50 on my friends school’s football team and heath ledger.idc wat u say i love them all. lol jk but seriously… k cya peeps and dawn btw are u still mad at me or were u frozen cause i could not tell! lol talk to u later ppl! GO ON CP im on right now with cord! come on come on come on…….

  2. wow that was longgggggg

  3. wooo rh!

  4. *Sigh* its kinda late

  5. how do you take these pics? do you use a camera?

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