Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | October 1, 2008

New Prizes on Club Penguin


It’s time to earn more tickets for some new items on club penguin. Cp has added an awsome Fall Fair background for 400 tickets, some blue cotton candy for 600 tickets and they have brought the paddle ball back for 1500 tickets. So get busy and play some more games to receive ur new items!



  1. Argh, I want those prizes but CORD! They’re fixing the coin glitch on Grab & Spin. 😦 MAJOR 😦
    I want the cotton candy, the paddle ball, and the carousel player card background. They’re not all extremely expensive, especially the background. Only 400? The cheapest is 100. Thank god for cheapness. I’ve got everything but the new prizes. 😦 Well, wish me luck. I hope they open up the Grab & Spin soon.

  2. they fixed the grab and spin glitch??? NOOOOO!! *scream* I NEED THE COTTON CANDY!!!!! *SCREAM* AND THE PADDLE!!! *SCREAM* AND THE BACKGROUND TOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -worried meridoll 😦

  3. i need the paddle!!! screams!

  4. Nice post!


  5. thnx cord 🙂 kewl post xP
    ~vos 🙂 hugz

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