Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | September 18, 2008

Criptic Message Found in Penguin Times

Could it be that Rockhopper is coming to Club Penguin for a visit tomorrow? If he is coming I don’t know how he will arrive. His ship can not be seen on the horizon. Maybe there is some other surprise in store for us. Why would he talk of speaking in pirate lingo? Is tomorrow national pirate day or something? Well, I will put on one of my pirate dresses and wait to see what happens. Keeps fingers crossed theres gonna be a partay!



  1. How do you put music on the site? That’s so cool! I wish I knew how to do that!

  2. …weird

  3. hiya yodoggy,
    its part of my slide show.
    hugs, cord

  4. hmm… CR? wats CR? i thought it was RH… HMMMMMMM

  5. its captain rockhopper. i predict that there is gonna b an invasion of pirates tomorro. cuz it says he will be thinkin bout us. hhhmmmm. we shall see in just a few hours. am i psycic like moo?

  6. Well yesterday it was international talk like a pirate day, i think, but im not sure if that will have anything to do with it, just a thought tho

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