Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | September 12, 2008

Ruby and the Ruby

For your entertainment a new play is premiering at the stage on Club Penguin. “Ruby and the Ruby” is a kinda silly play about a blond that can’t find her ruby. (Her name happens to be Ruby too.) She hires a detective to find it for her. He asks a few people some dumb questions and then finds a combination under a vase. Wah Lah, apparently that combo opens a safe and there is her stone. The stage looks sorta cool with it’s black and white theme. However, weren’t we busy for days painting it? I’m not sure what happened with all that colorful paint I applied to the wall….hmmm….another mystery. I was disappointedwith the costume selection. Lots of stuff for the guys and only a cute blond wig for the girls is new. They are selling the same glitter dress and pearls that I already had. Guess I’ll look like a guy in a blond wig. The new pin is a magnifying glass at the dock. Not very hard to find. Well, I’m off to face my Friday. Let me know if you solve any mysteries today.

If you need help solving the mystery of how to get the ruby this is the basics of what you got to do.

open the door, click the file cabinet, click the trash can, click the light on the table, then the book on the table, go to the back of stage and click the vase, click the paper under the vase, go to the painting and click it, click the safe, and rescue the ruby!



  1. i like this new play, though its all black

  2. CORD!!!!!!!!! TORNADO HITTING PPLS HOUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU NEAR IT??????????


  4. i think ike is hitting texas, is any1 here from texas???

  5. care and bub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. they were in the hurricane care was on last night when the hurricane came to her house. Her computer shut off and nobdy knows if shes ok!

  7. 😮 NOOO!!! CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

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