Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | September 12, 2008

Cordially’s Chronicles 8/14/08 – 9/3/08

9-3-08 Well! Janeyplastic and Lohlabey1 were on line and i just cant tell u how confused i was. i mean is lohlabey1 the real lohlabey that got banned so long ago? i sorta think hes not. lohlabey was a lil cocky and a member and well mayb it is him cuz after we talked for a while he got mad for no reason??? then exit me. he kept sayin that i always talked bout him so he didnt understand y we couldnt b a couple???? then he said bye foreva. is janeyplastic fredsburgers? possibly. he has the same sweet personality as fred. and he wants to b a cppl. i tried to xplain that i was committed to zac. zac even logged on for 2 seconds. but i neva saw him. he wasnt even on line long enough to send a card. im so confused. im srry gal, cord jr, and paw that i was sorta distracted. then there was this otha peng king peng? somethin like that that was heartin me and givin me flowers then like tried to resolve all the confusion.


9-2-08 i didnt get to play!


9-1-08 Saw Zac for bout 15 minutes. we sorta ditched everybody and went freaky. then i played with roc, cutie, and paw. i had fun but i cant tell u wat i did.


8-27-08 Everybody seemed to have a lot of q’s. spent a lot of time just tryin to answer em. hung out in the town for a while with yani, hsmsx, bella, and somebody else? this otha peng. kept sayin i was rude. i have no idea wat her prob was i even sent her a card and stuff and she was still anoyin. bella and i hung out for a while in the pet shop and talked bout sports and stuff. she’s pretty athletic. me…not!


8-26-08 think i logged on once in the afternoon, but i dont really remember any earth shatterin events. logged on late for me and hung out with doggycrazy, kittenface, bellafrenchy,  and rochiepochie. we were talkin on chat so i directed roc to my chat. its always lil hard to get a new comer to my blog directed in the right place. roc finally found it though. hiya roc! hugs.


8-25-08 didnt do nothin special. milary83 is all mad at me cuz she says that jiggy broke up with her and the weddin is off. he told her that she is too young. i told her hes a playa and in tree years mayb she find somebody betta. saw paw and shes not a member any more. it was kinda sad. but, im gal is a member now. saw dawn, friendly, miles, puppy, and soup. missed zac. mayb school started for him idk. sighs.


8-24-08 Logged on sorta early to decorate iggy and stuff and zac came on line. we had some alone time together. later in the day i logged on a cppl of times and played with bella, care, bear, raz, and some others. fredsburgers came on sorta late and i cheered him through the penguin games. he got his medal and looked so athletic in his ducky ring holdin his marshmellow. it was pretty late so when fred left i logged onto chat for a bit.


8-23-08 please see my post for 8-24-08. too much to have to repeat. girlz r growin up.


8-22-08 i logged on early to check out cp games. i figured out the race thing. i had to do the marathon 3 times till i got the hang of the lights lighting up thing. got my gold medal! then found the face paint and lol at my silly face. logged on laterz in the day several times and neva really got into playin. a cppl of times nobody was even on although the servers were vry full. at night i saw nop, charmytink, mil, and yani. yani wanted my password. idk i guess she thinks im crzy or dumb. fyi im not givin my pass to nobody. then nop was talkin bout quitin. a friend came ova so i logged off. i came bac later and saw dawn. i had a head ache all night so i prob wasnt much fun.


8-21-08 i got a make over in the gift shop. got curly hair and makeup. i looked sorta weird but iv always wanted curly hair. when zac saw me he thought i was hot. idk i think it would take some getting used to.


8-20-08 i missed dawn’s bday party. zac was finally online. we got to see each otha mwa and heart but then it was blues turn. my girls cord jr, mil, sac, and cutie were there. of course the children argued and cried and the regular sibling things. i adopted heatbolt for the night. he was a good lil boy and so cute.


8-18-08 whennling got a member peng named wingling. it was a weird day. nobody was really wanting to hang with me. doggycrazy listened to me sing for a long time. i was listenin to some three days grace and some seether. i was sorta distracted. paw and i shared a secret. i was surprised to hear someone else say wat i was thinkin.


8-16-08 Came on line in the mornin and anthony blue was there we hung out for a bit. zac was bein lazy so he wasnt around. i logged on and off a few times in the day. chased ninjas and rockhopper. queen22rocks came on as cordially6. i still cant make no new buds. sad face. didnt get to play that night cuz we went to fair.


8-15-08 Logged on and off throughout the day. Had fun lookin at all the new iggys. Zac and i both changed our iggys to the ship. anthonyblue chose the gym. heatbolt also picked the gym and a bunch of us went there to train for the games. bellafrency came on line late and greated us with her usual hyper greetings. Zac is vry anxious for a new jr. and he keeps gettin freaky! hes deff a boy. saw nopola, bo, bear, care, arctic diva, and a bunch of others. queen22rocks somehow got exited from my buddy list. i need to delete 152 peeps, well really more, cuz i wanna get fly bac on my list and lohlabey1. grrrr…i started trying to make a copy of my list yesterday but ppl kept loggin on and off. idk if i can even eleminate that many peeps now since iv made some more new friends.

8-14-08 Iv been really horrible bout keepin up on my chronicles. i apologize. im gonna try to b betta bout lettin u know wats goin on on cp. i saw razortnt for a breif period in the afternoon. he hasnt been on in foreva. he acted kinda sad and quiet. guess hes missin katieboblue and yani pretty bad. then i hung out with bo and marimoo. i hadnt seen moo in foreva either so that was pretty fun.


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