Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | September 11, 2008

Loving the United States After September 11

September 11, 2001. Almost 3000 people were killed that day. How can you even put words to the emotions that were unleashed when the United States, as well as the world, lost their false sense of security. I remember sitting in front of the television with tears in my eyes. The surreal feeling when I looked into the sky and didn’t see a single airplane. The fear that the terroist would somehow target my town. The following days, and then years,  of red white and blue everywhere. Flags on homes and flags on cars. The flags flying at half mast today.  The years since the attacks have been filled with war and uncertainty. Gas prices have soared. Men have sacraficed their lives in the Middle East. Rules have changed at the airport, some people even refuse to fly now. Families and friends of innocent victims will never see their loved ones again.  It changed us all. I will never forget.



  1. :O i saw this in skool today :O

  2. we saw a vid about this at school today, and b4 we saw it we sang the pledge of alligance…well we always do. there were pictures of new york and the statue of liberty and the twin towers and washington d.c and other U.S symbols. they also showed ceramic firefighters putting up the flag, i saw those ceramic firefighters when i went to new york, i saw them at Madame Taussades. also, when i went to new york, we passed by the world trade center, where the twin towers used to stand…*cry* moment of silence…*silence*

  3. they called it 9-11…u know like when u call 911

  4. yeah it was really scary! my uncle he was \close enough to watch the plane crash into the twin towers! he said it was sad and very very scary! and I pray to the lord that the famlies will be safe! and to keep them that way! cuz that was a stupid and dumb thing that those stupid terrorist did!

  5. I hate 9-11, those sick, twisted terrorists. Why does the world have to be so cruel? It’s rlly nice that you made this for all those poor souls. 🙂

  6. *sniffs* this was so sad. those terrorists were so stupid. many people lost their lifes cuz of them. but i hope that neva happens again. cord it really was nice u made this

    =3♥ dawnsie ♥=3

  7. I, personally, get annoyed with people who make such a big deal out of 9/11. I mean, sure, it was terrible and I wish it had never happened, those people didn’t deserve to die like that, etc., but still, it was SEVEN YEARS AGO!!! I know this one person who went into a big, huge monologue at school today about “how devastating 9/11 was” and “it’s a tragedy we will never forget” and “we are still united as one country” and all that lame-o stuff. I got irritated, but I couldn’t say anything. Maybe because that person was my principal? You never know…but I still think America should try to move on. Yes, it was tragic, yes, the lost need to be mourned, but we really need to do better things with our lives than go indulge ourselves in sorrow and wallow in self-pity on 9/11. Nothing against Cord of course, but I’m just sayin.
    ~Lemon 🙂

    …again, just sayin.

  9. luna agrees with lemon..’nuff said! hehe..

  10. wow, idk how old u r lemon. but i remember it like it was yesterday. we’ve already established that im older than most of u. so mayb those of us that experienced it more first hand cant really eva forget. i think that it made our country stronger and we have moved on. but i think that we should still remember wat terrioism has done to us. that day changed our freedom forever. like the airport… you cant even put liquids in ur suitcase just in case u might make a bomb outta somethin. i actually flew in an airplane about two days later and couldnt bring any liquids at all. they even took my lip gloss at the airport and threw it away. i mean how dangerous could lip gloss b? but good things came outta it too. the usa united itself like neva bfor. the world showed their support of our loss. so there was bad and there was good. i just know that i was vry sad all day and so many times i remembered how everything came down that day for me. how it changed my innocense. thats wat i really lost that day… before sept 11 i was so nieve. i felt so safe and i trusted almost everyone. kk so another big huge monologe. srry. everybody at least can have their own opinions…we havent lost that….but u never know if the terriost do win one day what u could loose.
    just a thought,

  11. I agree with Lem. I mean, stuff like that obviously can’t be ignored, but we can move past it and accept the fact that there is nothing more we can do, because it was seven years ago. I was, ummm…..I think I was in late elementary school when that happened, so I don’t remember much about it, but I remember seeing it on TV. I still don’t see how it changed our country for the better, though. Because of that, we went searching for the guys who did it, and then became involved in a war with Iraq, which has not helped our situation one bit. We needed to focus on rebuilding our own country before we went and “helped” Iraq. The American people did show a lot of character after the terrorist attacks though. I agree with that, but I just don’t see how it changed my life in any way, besides making me slightly more aware of danger. Ah well, “to each his own”.


    p.s. i was annoyed at school because they played this HORRID version of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” over the intercom….it STUNK. 🙂

  12. idk i was pretty young when i had experienced 9-11. my mom was scared me for and my family cuz the news was all “if they wanna crash the twin towers, they mite come and crash the golden gate bridge” or somethin. osama bin laden and al queada terroism group is still very much alive and in hiding.
    at school we sang the national anthem and pledge of alligiance, and i watched a vid about 9-11. today is pretty much the only day i pray to God, cuz most of u kno how i dont really believe in him. anyways, god bless america-

  13. i was vry little and tiny when the accidnt happened + i didnt live in the U.S yet, i came to live here on June 2003, 2 years after the accident.

    like bo…

    god bless america 🙂

    THIS COUNTRY ROCKS!!!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!! lol, i got that from the movie Meet Dave, except the dude said “this planet rocks! deal with it!”

  14. everyone was devistated

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