Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | September 7, 2008

Coloring With Cord

Cordially is having a hard time deciding what to draw for the next Coloring page. I need ur help! What would u like me to draw a pic of to color? Let me know and I’ll work on the best suggestion.



  1. I think that you should draw your dream house for club penguin, like the color and the everthing in it like the couch and stuff and that would be your dream house for club penguin!!! I love the idea and I hope you do too! You rock cord! byeee!
    Your Friend,
    Mavindy96! =]

  2. maybe u could draw stg japanese! like draw stg from an anime or maybe some cherry flowers! lol a penguin in a kimono would be nice too! ^^

  3. mayb u should draw a class of penguins!! the teacher would b teaching them penguin history!! u know like a back to school kind of thing!! 😀

  4. DRAW FLIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rofl jk

  5. OOH I HAVE AN IDEA!!! LET’S ALL DRAW A LEMON!!! 😀 Original, isn’t it?

  6. very..

  7. A LEMON!?!?!?!? i hate their stupid shells. so horrible tasting. YUCK. i like dolls idea but i think ill get a headache just lookign at it… skool does that to me. even in a picture.

  8. joke time! :
    please read the line below
    please read the line above

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