Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | September 3, 2008

Missin my MWA

Well, first i should get somethin straight i did not delete ju or queen. idk wat happened but queen disappeared. in the last few weeks my buddy list had gone from ova 300 to 200. one day i logged on and like 50 ppl were gone just like that. i didnt delete em. i guess cp was wittling it down lil by lil. yesterday when i started deletin penguins it was kind of weird. cuz like id get down to 100, log off, come bac, and there would b 40 more. mayb all 200 xtra were there but hidden? idk. but iv got 93 right now. room for some of the ppl i wanna add.

mwas are bein filtered out by club penguin now! its awful i went to mwa zac and he wasnt gettin em. i tried ki zz and that didnt work either! it was awful. we figured out a way to mwa now though. doesnt cp know that mwa is like throwin a kiss. i neva will understand y we cant love each otha. but they continue to have the mad face and let us hate and fight.

so mw mw mw mw mw mw mw all my friends and zac!



  1. oh my.
    have u tried k i z z yet?
    anyways, cp is overprotective. i shall send them and email, cuz we deserve to kno the reasons of these blocks. i figured out y we cant have periods and numbers:
    cuz to be safe, these werent necessary
    uhhh ok..i guess thats all u can do. anyways, ill email them. peash out and mwas-

  2. hmm weird. ju just disppeared? weird.either ways cord, its not like the heart is gone.. WAIT IS IT GONE?

  3. hiya cord! its cord jr! i didnt quit cord jr!!! i decided that cord jr is kool and fun and cute
    well cya!

  4. hii! 🙂 bonne nuit, cord!! thats good nite in french!! these french classes r pretty awesome!! je m’appelle meridoll (my name is meridoll) ok well i have to finish hw!! yuck i know!!

    AU REVOIR!!!!


  5. bonsoui bonne nuit (i didnt spell bonsoui rite i dont think)
    lol anyway, it means good evening good nite pronounced: bohn-swow buhn-nu-wee
    ciao people-

  6. :mrgreen:

  7. cool lol 😀

  8. today is my first day of school!!!!!sooo nervous…
    byee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wish me good luck cp Bffs

  9. bye ppl time for skool lol well almost time , im waiting for my friend niki the other junckymonkey were walking to skool
    well bye


  11. wEiRd lol i went on at 7:18 and came back at 3:18 lol 😀 😛

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