Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | August 25, 2008

Zac & Cord + Eight

Zachary Red and Cordially are becoming their very own John and Kate Plus Eight. But we r more like Zac and Cord Plus 11. Zac made me take a test on Saturday and it said yes. So…that’s right Club Penguin will be getting a new addition in the near future. WE ARE HAVING A PENGUIN!!! Zac is bustin at the seams cuz he wanted a jr. so bad. * pats belly and hugs zac* our vry own bundle of joy is on its way.



  1. Are you going to come to my igloo party?

  2. My penguin is called Bdabda

  3. another bay bay!?!? lol i hope i can be antie moo. Congratz cord and zac!

  4. ooo i hopez i can be aan auntie of even more now! lol auntie bo has a funny ring to it. congratulations!
    umm i havent been around enough to be witnessing someone with child, so do u have baby showers at all?
    lol last baby shower i went to i got dark chocolate m&m’s..yumm…

  5. coolio i have seen that show….sometimes they r brats….im not brat!

  6. …..

  7. cord srry for um….disturbing u and milary in ur iggy. i was going to say bye, but i didnt really need to go, so i decided to wait until u guys were done. i was trying to greet milary friendly and happy that she was back but she started screaming at me and saying for me to back the h*** off…umm u have…children who know how to stand up for themselves…so yea..

  8. idk if i can go in ur iggy or not now..i wanna talk to u before u leave…

  9. hey cord! i cant wait to keep being auntie dolly, lol. i also watch john and kate + 8, but with my older cousin!! 😀 i have hw to finish *blows bangs from face* science…the scientific method, problem statement, hypothesis, u get me 😐 grr i h8 math and science…YAY! NEW BAY BEE!! 😀 yay cord n zac

    science hw 😐

  10. Cord congrats r u in shool yet i just started middles school today! it was really kool i love my electives for this semester spanish and gym!

  11. ugh, i h8 spanish, i dont even know y i take it if i already know spanish!!

  12. well doll! u said u were taking spanish since u dont wanna forget spanish. period! or exclamation point! haha.. i wanna be auntie!!! um yea um milary is um… vry protecif ish? um yea since i hate zac i was in my iggy u know the ship one at like… she pushed me off… and sended me flying to the other side of the room… u have um a vry um…. nice fam? and course now im super scared to go to ur iggy… invasion of privacy. um…… ill go now.

  13. Concrats What are u going to name it?

  14. cough zac jr cough DUH!

  15. HAHA DAWN!

  16. i chose my words better than u but thats k. milary needs to chill down like when i pour buckets of ice cubes on fallen from chat to make him calm down after he listens to his favorite metal music…-pours ice water on everyone- EVERYONE STAY CALM!

  17. HEY!!!!!!! BO!!! *GETS RED MAD* *THROWS REALLY COLD ICE CREAM AT BO* thats wat u get 😀 hehe jk…im not kidding bout the throws ice cream at bo part!

    very good point D, but i still h8 spanish!

  18. oi cord!!!!!!!!!! are you in highschooL???????? like a senior???? or college?? 😀
    ~~~~~~~~~ FLIPPY!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  19. btw have u eva had a mis carry with one ov ur bay bay’s?

  20. hiya flip,
    if i told u bout school then u would guess my age. so, keep guessin. iv neva had a mis carry with one of my bay bay’s. purple jr was the only otha birth iv had. the rest were adopted.

  21. ur in junior high! im in fifth that means im 10


  23. im happy for you cord. by the way im back to stay. hope you are happy with him…. well bye.

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