Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | August 24, 2008


What an exciting and exhausting day. Milary announced that Jiggy and her r gettin married. then she said that zac and i were gonna b granpa and grandma. and im like omg shes gotta get married even though i ttly dont approve cuz shes too young. then they were just practicin and i thought they DID get married. Zac and I tried to talk her out of it. but shes gonna do wat shes gonna do. so my lil girl is growin up. and wat if i am gonna b a gran gran? im way too young for that. i got bay bays of my own…in more ways than one.

then zac and i were together and he kept insistin that i take the test to see if i was gonna have a bay bay. finally i said kk cuz i just figured it was gonna say no. but it said yes! so shhh…i plan to make announcement laterz… but the test said yes. zac sooo happy he wants a zac jr so bad. *looks at belly* it takes time. but yes, zac jr will b comin soon.  *hugs zac* he’s already such a good dah dah to the girls and purple jr. i know hes gonna love his own spawn even more. o he will always love the children he adopted just like they r his own. but, hes gonna burst at the seams when zac jr gets borned.

then paw had her bday party list night. her partay rocked even though the ninja didnt show up. i was really hopin he would so her partay could go down in history. we had so much fun. she looked so cute. she had like a beta hat on and the clogs and i just wanted to hug her. heres a pic of some of the partay goers. the list of attendees included me of cours, zachary red, razortnt, peace, luna, bimblebee, dawn, melissa may, useless, cord jr, and im gal. wow! happy bday paw! if i could continue ur memborship for u i would. that would b my gift since ninja didnt come.



  1. 😀

  2. lol

  3. ooo look at me! in the pic i say so walk away! woot!

  4. yay!!! im in the pic too!!! 😀 woot 4 evry1 in pic!!!

  5. cord cord cord
    i i i
    made made made
    another another another
    story story story
    on on on
    my my my
    story story story
    blog blog blog
    go go go
    see see see
    it it it!
    plz plz plz

  6. hi ppl im baaaaaack… not that anyonesprobably even noticed that i was gone but… i was in maine (doggy waz with me) so im welcomeing myself bac WELCOME BAC ME!!!!

  7. heyyy! i went to the party!! im not there 😦

  8. awww, no one told me there waz gonna be a party!

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