Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | August 16, 2008

Cordially’s Chronicles 7-10-08 thru 7-30-08


7-30-08 got to play a lil durin the day. i kinda got frozen at one point in greenpuppies iggy. im srry guys i really thought id b playin again in no time but i guess it took longer than i expected. logged on several different times and had fun with zac, queen, puppy, cord jr, heatbolt, meridoll, pawneeto4, and anthonyblue. im lovin my new family members. i still had no success meetin the band. those of u with the background r so lucky to have such a rare item. steels heats background. heat misses my zoo so im gonna open it bac up. there r some new animals so enjoy.


7-29-08 had a nice night. saw heatbolt, some of my new friends, zac (who only stayed like 1/2 hr., same with queen. queen made cordially jr a bedroom in her iggy. zac made jr a room too. greenpuppy got a lil bit upset. i dont think zac and queen realize how big a family they r adoptin yet. its kk pup u have a nice iggy. i still couldnt find the band for a background.


7-28-08 wow its gettin harder and harder to keep up with my chronicles. i guess last night i hung around mostly in zacs iggy. he changed it again…the dude knows how to decorate! then heat came in and showed us his cool background. so we all left (there were a bunch of us there) and we tried to find the band. no luck


7-25-08 had fun at the music jam. i woke up about 3:00 am and was on cp by 3:30 am. heatbolt was already there. so even though hes mad at me he was nice enough to show me around. he left soon afterwards and i spent a lot of time makin pics of everything for my slide show. then i came later in the after noon and hung out for a while then again that night. dawn, meridoll, melanie, zac, anthoneyblue, and some of my new friends…srry im still learnin their names….we did some igloo hoppin and zac and i hid under sinks…lol, idk y we decided that was a good place to hide. but it works. mwa!


7-24-08 im gettin really bad bout keepin up with these chronicles. i played with dawn and meridoll mostly. bellafrenchy and some others were there on and off. i saw zac for 2 seconds and he said he had to go. then fredsburgers came on line, made me loose my breath, and said he was quitin cp. go figure. how many ppl am i gonna loose cuz they just quit.


7-20-08 i got up early and made my iggy into a beautiful church. then a bit later i saw zac and tony. zac had already seen the church and he had made his iggy into the partay place so we went and looked. it was awsome. we made to last minute plans. i logged on a cppl of times durin the day and everybody was sooo exited. then bout 6:30 i logged bac on to get the last minute details ready for the weddin. when everythin was ready i went to queens iggy and my girlfriends helped me get ready. then of course the weddin happened. then the partay. i was really sad some of my friends werent there. dawn was supposed to b my maid of honor. i didnt see her all night. i hope shes not banned again. arctic diva kept pesterin me to go to chat. i guess i hurt her feelins cuz i didnt go. i just wanted to stay on cp and enjoy the special night. she only wanted to say that she wanted a pic of us for her blog so i feel a lil like a heel. but i was afraid id get stuck there and zac doesnt know how to get there yet. well then zac and i were alone for bout 2 seconds. we took like a 2 second honeymoon to the cove and he had to leave soon afta. but wow, im mrs red now.


7-19-08 Zachary Red proposed. This is sorta wat he said. Things werent goin through the filters well so each word was said alone.


this was pretty much my answer…i also said each word alone.


alot of my friends were standin around cheerin us on. it was really quite awsome. we were already at my thinkin spot at the mine shack so i really didnt need to think much. immediatly everyone wanted to know when the big day would b. at first i thought that we should wait for a while and date some more, but everybody was so excited. then zac and i sorta got caught up in the excitement and decided that we really couldnt wait. so thats y we r not waiting. plz join us for the weddin! i cant wait. cordially 101 helped pic out my dress, background, and pin. and bat girl is helpin with the plans. there’s gonna b beautiful weddin songs and a huge partay!!!!


7-18-08 wat a night. i redid my iggy in the late afternoon. saw dawn and visited her cool new iggy. then came bac afta dinner and saw a lot of my buddies. 300 buddies on ur list means that ur almost always gonna b online when someone on ur list is. zac and i started goin out. so im a cppl again! dawn was bac for a while. saw jaxmonster, junckymoncky, greenpuppy, and some othas. things were sorta confusin me…yet im sure iv been there – done that bfore.

7-17-08 had a blast addin buds. i mostly hung out with dawn and zachary red. dawn was fightin with alane ova somethin. im not exactly sure wat the prob was, but, alane kept sayin he needed my help and dawn asked did i think she was mean. zac and i talked for a long time and i tried to convey to him that he was famous now. he said he liked me and gave me a heart. i really sorta liked it. but i think it was a heart like one ud give ur sis. but, shhhh, he might b the one ive been lookin for.

7-16-08 i just hung out and sorta talked to ppl. a lot of penguins kept askin to b my bud and i kept sayin kk. only one actually made conversation with me. wumba bumba or somethin like that. so they r the only one that is prob a keeper. the mail is drivin me crzy.

7-15-08 i logged on only to find out that cp was down for their improvements. soo i quickly posted an article bout that and headed for chat. then later, actually much later, i got to log onto cp. it was awsome. almost like a new world. the new features had been implemented and i stayed confused for the longest time.

7-12-08 not on a whole lot. saw zac and he said that i was like a sis to him. soooo, ppl there u go. he likes me like a sis. and then i saw that anthony blue exit me.

7-11-08 i noticed afta i logged onto cp that katiebloblue had exit me. i got sad. i guess im neva gonna talk to her or see her again. dawn1798, melanie, luna, whenn ling, mcrazycrazy, heatbolt (who told me y he is mad at me), oreman, and others were there and i just wanted to wrap my arms around the computer screen and yell dont eva leave me like katie! puppyluvglam was heartin me. idk y. i really think puppy is a girl, but everybody says hes a guy. no more girls for boyfriends!!!! zachery red came on and everybody seems to think that we got somethin goin on…he says he dont like me that way. lol then since there was this gapping hole on my buddy list this dude named anthony red asked to b my buddy. i said yes. come to find out hes like a bro or somethin to zac. they both r very cute. i was just gettin interested in the new game plan when a huge fight broke out in real life at my house. dad, aunt michelle, sis, and ma were goin at it. everybody was cryin, screamin, and cuzzin, i wanted to stay lost in the make blieve world of cp but i couldnt stand it. so i left and cried some myself. i came bac later and everybody seemed to b havin so much fun. it just hurt. i was tired. so i left.

7-10-08 Played with buds on cpa.


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