Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | August 1, 2008


I’m startin my vacation today. We will b travelin from va to fla today. its gonna b a vry long trip! it will prob take 12 -14 hrs. we start out stayin with grandma in st. augustine fla. we will stay a few days and play at the beach there. the beach in st augustine is awsome. u just drive right on it, park, then throw ur stuff down on the sand, and then enjoy ur day. after grandma’s we will head to orlando. we will b stayin at an awsome resort there. we r gonna go to sea world and universal studios while we are in orlando. after a couple of days there we will stop by and look at the gulf on our way back up the west coast in florida. we will b stayin anotha night somewhere near ichetucknee springs. we have been there a lot already but its always fun to go bac. basically u rent a tube and float down these crystal clear streams/ river? u can see fish swimmin by, aligators (ekk i hope not), snakes (not snakes either!), and otha wildlife. it takes a few hours to do the tour so afta that we head bac to grandmas bfor we have to come bac home.

im gonna try not to leave any days without posts. im actually doin this one on july 27th cuz i wont have time to do it on the day ur seein it. id like to have enough posts for everyday and then when i have access to a computer (which may only b at grandmas) i will play cp and make some posts to let u know wat im doin.

Cord’s gonna b one years old tomorro!!!! i should b in fla. so im plannin a partay!!!! one whole year of cp! my penguin turns one year old!!! of course everybody is invited!



  1. yay! ooo and cord cord can u see my blog bfore monday? yea its a surprise but tell EVRYONE on cp that u know to come! ull see wat im talkin bout! so huuuuuuuuuuurry!


    b;a im soooo tired

  2. i meant bla and ill be at party! dawn turned 1 year old long time ago like in june but seriously HUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRY!

  3. omg!! if im not able to make it then…actually its already August 2… HAPPY BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy ur 1st year of cp!!!:D cyaz

    happy bday,


  4. oooo my friend just left on thurs to go to orlando…u pplz kno her as sport and shes going to universal!!!!! but shes leaving monday. i miss her!!!! yaya cord! 1 yr old!!!! congrats! lets see my peng is 592 days old but who cares!!!! lol i hope i can make it to ur party cord! and have fun on ur vaca!

    hi ya! chops luna! (i dont kno anything about karate lol)

    ❤ *BeLLy* iLOVElax ❤

  5. i feel like im the only one talking on flippers & moos weblogs. im leaving on august 10th to go to a camp thing for 5 days so i wont be on then. idk it seems like every time i go on cp NO1 IS ON! wat times do u pplz normally go on?? right now its almost 10 eastern and i JUST woke up and im tired and this would fit n icely under a random thing but idk if cord has one so im postin it here! lol

    hi ya! chops luna! (i havent seen luna in a long time…has anyone seen her?)

    ❤ *BeLLy* iLOVElax ❤

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