Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | July 27, 2008

Don’t Wanna b Delisted!

Dear Chat users,

I know that some of u think that im mean on chat bcuz iv demoted u to members or guests when u were moderators. but, i have been gettin reports from xat about cpbudsandme that some of u have had complaints. everytime i get a complaint xat gets a lil more threatenin bout delisting me and deleting my chat. please read the pic below. the red box was the last threat that i got from xat when i got a complaint. and below that is portions of THEIR  rules. thats y i have rules! plus, not only will xat remove my chat, but if the cuzzin and stuff doesnt stop then my parents may remove my chat. so plz dont b mad at me if i have to demote u from mod. if i dont get my chat right then i might loose it. i want everybody to have fun though. so ill like ignore the under age 14 and 18 rule….if ur behavin. Also, plz note, if u r a mod it is ur responsiblity to make sure that ppl on the chat observe the rules and regulations. DO YOUR JOB!



  1. oooh scary… 😦
    ill be good!
    i promise!

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