Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | July 25, 2008


[rockyou id=118534022&w=426&h=320]

There’s soooo much to tell u bout the music jam on club penguin that i couldnt just put it into words. so heres a slide show bout all the cool stuff. theres free items, lotz of bands, a secret room, and a huge partay! i got to say this is one of my favorite partays yet!



  1. we chose our places! Pink Sugar is gonna perform at the main stage and the beach!!

    rock on,


  2. yea i hope u can see us! ooo doll said the partay would be till the 30


  3. ooo and cord can i make a danws chronicles? i dont wanna b a copycat if ur not ok with it

  4. dawn, of course u can do ur own chronicles! ur life on cp is ttly diff than mine. and im not parinoid bout ppl copyin my ideas. it would b an honor. iv been on ur my space blog i think its cool.
    hugs cord

  5. oo and cord how u make so much money?i really HAVE NTG! wat games give u the most?

  6. oh oh oh im talking bout my wordpres 1 and seriously answer me on the money thing!


  7. i do puffle roundup for lots of money. i can make about 1000 coins in less than five minutes or so. mayb 10 but neva usually that long. im good at it.

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