Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | July 16, 2008

Glitches Galore

I’m not sure where to start. The new features were launched. They include (but not limited to) a new mail system with a free item, an organized player cards with a closet for ur clothes, lol the ability to keep addin buddies even though u have 100 already (this must b a glitch), ur spy phone real handy on the screen in case of an emergency, a smaller server list at the beginnin of ur log on (u can still access all the servers if u wanna), an alert is sent at the bottom of ur screen when one of ur buddies logs on, a pretty background for ur iggy, a new members igloo map, a green puff at the ice rink, and a million glitches!!!
all night long i kept findin more and more glicthes. here r a few that i noticed:
if u click on the dialoge bubble at the bottom of the page u can have an empty bubble. i think that only u can see this. ur buddies have no idea wat ur talkin bout.

i kept gettin this postcard ova and ova…i have no idea who pocket dogs is…they were neva anywhere around that i could see…mystery penguin.

its kinda hard to see but u can walk under the carpet in my iggy. im a carpet butterfly!

this is a betta pic of the carpet bug.
i also ran into a few otha bugs, puppyluvglam was supposed to b in his igloo, but nobody was there. the puffs were highly upset and this mornin i don’t have any puffs…they must have seen the forrest outside and ran there to play.
iv looked around at some otha blogs and some ppl seem really happy bout the upgrades, while othas seem quite upset. i did find the mail thingy a bit anoyin. i had bout 50 cards when i logged on. took a long time to go through them all. wat a pain to have to delete each one afta i read it. i kept clickin on the envelope cuz i kept forgettin it was gonna put a number there when i was sent mail and the envelope wasnt goin no where. can u imagine how many cards someone like billy bob, bluffy, or rockhopper might have to delete??? i was hopin that we could send personal messages like im mad at u, some of the new designs for the postcards r very nice though. i like the spy phone in the corner and i will probably make use of it more. the iggy backgrounds really r pretty but i wanted waterfront property. mayb we will b able to purchase more backgrounds some day. im not sure i like the member iggy map. i know in the past buddies and me have had fun just goin down the iggy list to visit one iggy afta the otha. id think that will b possible now. plus, if u wanna go bac to somewhere u visited bfor it might b hard to find it. if i can keep addin buds even though iv got 100 id b very plzed but i think that the 20 or so iv said yes to so far r only gonna mess my buddy list up sometime in the future. im gonna wanna add someone and have to delete 50 ppl cuz it wont allow me to cuz iv got too many buds or somethin. the glicthes r crzy!!! mayb they should have spent a few more days perfectin the improvements. well, all in all, i think that cp did a great job of makin club penguin i cooler place to play.



  1. Thanks for the tips about the glitches, Cord! I absolutely LOVE the new Club Penguin, don’t you? WOOOOOOOOOO CP ROCKS MY SOX!!! 😀

  2. i love the new updates but i always forget the little envelope is penguin mail and i click on it. anotha thing is that when i got to my igloo i had only 1 puffle and it was black! i had a red and purple puffle! and when i clicked on it, the puffle on the player card was blue! and it didnt let me feed the puffle or give it a bath or play or walk. and the weirdest part was that the puffle’s name was “Undefined” stg like that! weird! cuz my puffs names r yarr and meridolly. and anotha thing is that when i clicked to look for dawn it said that she was in her iggy so i went and she wasnt there and i checked again and it still said she was in her iggy! it turned out she was in an iggy not hers! weird right! mostly the puffle thing! o and 2day whenn’s puffle was walking on the walls! and when i left her iggy and came back she had a purple puffle and a red 1 like me, but shes not a member so she cant have a purple puffle! weird stuff….

    haunted ~♥mErIdOlL♥~

  3. wow meridoll, u must have been freakin! its so weird. i wish i understood how addin somethin messes stuff like that up and how do they fix it?

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!! CORD CORD CORD!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!

  5. OOH CORD.

  6. bo,
    thats my dell. i was doin someotha stuff so i had my tool bar up. i usually use the full screen for cp.
    i wish i had a laptop.
    lol u r there!

  7. i found another glitch your pufles can go into your budies iglos, cuz my friends prufles was gone they showed up in MY iglo weird huh?

  8. weird

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