Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | July 7, 2008

Pawneeto4 Wins Iggy Contest

Pawneeto4 Iggy
Personalized Glitter Graphics

Congrats to Pawneeto4 for winning the most recent Iggy Contest! Her entry had over 67% of all the votes cast! Awsome job Paw! Her iggy stands out from the rest. There’s a few pumpkins scattered about to remind us of Autumn and Halloweeen! So I was sure to give her some black cats too! I heart the way she has PAW written in lights on her back wall. So, open ur iggy and put it on the map! We wanna have anotha partay!!!!



  1. kool!

  2. yay paw!! and junckymuncky try using words with more than 1 syllable!!

  3. YAY PAW!!!!!!!!!! GOOD 4 YOU! Even though I don’t really know ya, I’m excited that you won! Awesome job with the graphics Cord! Bye!

  4. thanx guys im so happy thanx for voting!

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