Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | July 6, 2008

10,000 HITS!!!!!

10,000 HITS!!!!
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I can’t thank u guys enough for all the awsome hits! I neva dreamed that when i started this blog on April 12, 2008 that i would have sooo many hits this soon! u guys from club penguin, my chat cpbudsandme, and just u guys that found me by accident i hope that u keep comin bac ova and ova! im gonna work hard to make this different and more interestin than any blog u eva went to. iv got some more ideas for pages and posts so come often. Be sure to stop in at my iggy on the map on Ice Palace and join the partay!!!!



  1. O wow! Imso happy for u cordially! Iwish i could make a blog like this one and earn many hits but i dont have an email 😦 And i cant make one up either! But i’m really happy for u, cordially! 😀 i’ll make sure to be at ur party! Au Revoir!! (I think thats how u spell it…and i think thats french for bye)


  2. *screams* CORD U HAVE REACHED UR GOAL! 😀 IM SO HAPPY 4 U (it’s not like me to act like this…lol) *hugs and cries with joy* i hope i can catch up 2 u 1 day and ya ill try to be @ ur party.

    😀 ~cmervos~ 😀

    p.s. can u advertise my blog on ur blog? it would really mean a lot to me. thanks.

  3. hey i added you to my blog roll..could u add me to urs?? plz adn thnx!

  4. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Cord!! You are awesome! That is too cool that you have 10,000 hits!!!! I am sooooooooooooo jealous! Check my count: it has reached 206. Well, anyway, how long are ya keeping your party up in your iggy? I wanna come! Bye!

  6. hey cord! omg im so happy! i wish i could get this many hits! but i will wen u have 1,000,000 hits lol im still happy for u! 😀


  7. wow cord, that’s awesome!!!!!! wooooooow…. that’s so weird… yesterday at about this time there was 10,009 hits and now there’s 10,109!!!! u went up 100 hits in a day!! that’s so cool!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Congrats, Cord! I’m happy for ya. I wish you the best of luck on the rest of your awesome blog. I only have 162 hits…:(

  9. cord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT BELIVE U GOT A 10,000 HITS!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG !!!THATS IS JUST TERFFIC!!!!HOPE TO C U ON CP SUMTIMES!

    • ♥~*GrEeN*~♥•


  11. hey cord. i read this post and thought wow she really knows how to reach goals. then i kept reading on and saw u were having a party. to this, i have only one question, AM I INVITED? well i guess that im not invited, since im not ur buddy.

  12. puppy,
    ur icon thing is called an avitar. i really dont know how to tell u to change it unless u have a wordpress site. then its in ur personal settings. there must b a way to set one up without a blog.. does anybody know how puppy can make her own avitar???
    i will keep seein if i can find out for u.

  13. purple,
    i invited everybody.

  14. im so happy for you!

    (p.s. can u put a post that says to goto my site?)

  15. i KNOW i wasnt at it! P.S IM BACK

  16. OOPS

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