Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | June 28, 2008

Pork and Beans

My newest vid! Weezer sings Pork and Beans and Cordially does her best to rock u with it! I don’t really like the way it fades out and starts ova. But I had no control ova that! So don’t touch the remote!



  1. KOOL!

  2. i truely think YOUR AN ****OLE. yea and go ahead and block that word off as always…because i know u are only in 4 grade. WEFML

  3. wtf purple?- no im sorry more like WTF PURPLE!?!?!? U AND CORD R THROUGH! OVR! DONE WITH! SO JUST STAY OUT OF HER LIFE AND GO AWAY! U A**HOLE! (sorry bout that cord but i had 2 say it- and this 2: PURPLE: GO BURN IN H***, again, sorry bout the language)

  4. purple,
    i really dont care if u visit my blog..but yes i will block the language bcuz there r ppl in 4th grade that read my stuff and i really dont think its appropiate to say the f word to them. so if u wanna comment make it g-rated.

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