Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | June 21, 2008

Cordially’s Chronicles 6-1-08 thru 6-21-08

6-21-08 kk so i hung out on my chat and lunas chat. decided to go to cp and have a 8000 hit party! i dressed in green with green hair. idk y but it was a partay! i danced on a chair. hugs to my fans!

6-20-08 cp is really sorta sad. i miss faith. i saw jeckela tonight and i said i miss faith and she was like WHO? lol faith was such a magnet. it was unreal. jeckela didnt know who i was talkin bout? how could she forget faith?

6-19-08 im really disapointed in cp again. i was on several times durin the day…. i feel so alone there. and i saw purple for 2 seconds. and he left. i guess we will neva get married again. cries. dawn exit me. i guess crazypeep is mad at me too. i give up.

6-18-08 Srry i missed the 16th and 17th. i kinda lost those days. i know that cordy and paw hung out with me one night and we had some mummy daughter time. and then i dont remember wat else we did. last night the 18th i got to b on line for about an hour. i saw cordy, mcrzy, luna, greenpuppy, oreman, and some others. nobody was really playin again. it was sorta borin. plz ppl come play cp!

6-15-08 Spent some time with Cordially101. I logged off to have some watermelon. I thought I’d get to play some more. But I didnt.

6-14-08 I dont really remember doin anythin monumental on cp. spent more time on cord’s chat just like everybody else.

6-13-08 got up early as norm. checked out the water party. got my free stuff etc. then later i logged on and nobody was like there. came bac in the evenin and the first penguin i saw was purplelove15. so he asked me to b his buddy again. i stared at the request for a minute then decided i really did at least wanna b his friend. so said yes. then we went to chat and talked in private. he is really sorry. and he loves me! he loves me! he’s neva said that bfor! he loves me! so he proposed to me on one knee! so we r gonna get married again. then later saw some more friends one of them was dawn1798 and she got mad bout me and purple so she exit me! thats when the glich thing happened. well, i just kept tellin her i couldn’t choose btween purple and her. so we made up and she asked me to b her buddy again actually i think this is when the glich happend. purple loves me!

6-12-08 buddies were there but not there. everybody seems to wanna chat more than they wanna play. i saw george jj and tried to direct her to chat. im not sure if she found it or not. plz ppl i miss playin cp with u. come play with me! im kinda lonely!

6-11-08 I had tons of buddies on line last night, but oddly it seemed like most of them werent really there to play. i know im not gonna remember everybody that was there, but, heres a few: alane216, reezesluna, cookies63, crazypeep335, heatbolt, imanil, pawneeto4, whenn ling 1, and yani and raz. heatbolt asked me to b his girlfriend. i really dont know wat to do. outta all my male friends hes the one that i feel the closest too right now. but im really scared that if it doesnt work out i could loose him as a friend. plus, im not sure how he really feels bout bein a dah dah to my kids.

6-10-08 Gee I think i lost a day somewhere. i went on cp for a bit afta i was on my chat room for a while. my buddy list showed a page and a half of buddies on line. like everybody was there and on my chat so it was like talkin to brick walls. doenst anybody wanna play cp anymore?

6-8-08 i logged on really early and made some more coins. then when i logged on later hopitpopit was on but in an iggy so i decided to just wait till later. but later neva really happened.

6-7-08 played with whenn ling. didnt get to play a whole lot. but decided to have a party. had a lot of ppl come and made some new friends. some guy named yoo somethin kept sayin i was his iggy. wat the? i have no idea.

6-6-08 well, purple and i r ova. i exit all the penguins that i knew were him. it was kinda hard, but then i just said bye bye to em all. my friends were great. they really stood by me and gave me strength. dont eva let ppl push u around, abuse u physically or verbally. takes deep breath. im gonna b kk.

6-5-08 didnt play, can u blieve that?

6-4-08 enjoyed playin with dawn, kitten, flippers, oreman, heatbolt, junckymuncky,katieboblue, meridoll, and some others. we hung out at the snow forts for a long time. i tried to keep my chin up and not cry. but didnt work. im not countin the days. no im not. marks calandar. sighs.

6-3-08 wow wat a busy night for me. i had a lot of buddies on line. i saw dawn for the first time in a while. it was really good to see her. heatbolt and mcrazycrazy were on line for the first time in a while. it was kittenface18’s bday so when i saw her i got to wish her a happy bday! still missin some penguins. preppy seems to have disapeared from the island and im also missin purple….where r u?

6-2-08 Well anything i can write here bout last light will seem really borin. hung out with meridoll, flippers, kittenface, oreman, whenn ling, and idk. thats it i think. then we were sorta bored so we went to my chat. cmervos showed up and we all drew pictures.

6-1-08 – I really should got straight from cp to here to log in wat i did bcuz when i wait till the next day i forget and get confused. well best i can remember…i logged on sorta early. made like 10,000 coins playin puff round up cuz nobody was on line. then i decided to try and make my first movie. which im almost done with! then later in the day i went back to cp and found the plant had been moved in my iggy. another ghost has been there! iv always had probs with ghosts in my iggy so thats nothin new.



  1. wait u mean faith aka conner? well bye forever on chat

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