Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | June 16, 2008

6000 + Hits!!!

Is it my imagination or is 6000 hits a lot? Whooo HOOO! Let’s Partay! Thank u to all my penguin friends, to club penguin, to my producer, and to the world that made this day possible!



  1. Awesome job with the hits, Cord! I love this blog and will continue to visit it daily. WOOT FIRST COMMENT!!!!! 😀

  2. wow…kool

  3. sigh GAW R U LUCKY! plz dont rub it in. i want my blog to have a lot of hits. that’s all i ever wanted, was more than 7,000 hits. i only have 3,000! how the heck did u get SO MANY! sigh i know im being negative. tough times man. well anyways congrats. partay without me. sigh. bye cord.


  4. cmervos! ur blog will end up havin tons more hits than mine. ur funny pictures, and the cmervos and mimi show rox. just keep up the good work and im sure ull b past 7000 in no time. omg im past 7000 now!!! and i have no idea how im gettin so many. honest! im just writing bout me and my friends and stuff. but plz come partay with me!!!

  5. well i just checked and cord… its 7,000 and up!! great job!

  6. now it is 10,000 and up

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