Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | June 2, 2008

Ghost in my Iggy

There’s been a ghost in my iggy. i did not put that plant there. the girls got scared, so i told the girls it was a nice ghost, and told them this story.

one day rockhopper came to the island and brought all these rare flower pots. a lot of penguins said eww. but one pretty lady said wat can i do with this? and although she didnt know she bought a lot of them. a whole lotz of them. she brought them to her iggy and then to everyone’s amazment a vine started to grow in them. in no time it towered ova her head.

now this pretty lady was married to a hot guy and together they had many, many, a whole lotz of children. the hot guy had told the pretty lady that they should fill the iggy with kids. so they did. geeze i think they have ten now countin jay arr emm. they all lived in a rather small standard cp iggy. sometimes when all the family was at home they became extremly cramped in the small igg. the children watched in amazement when the vines grew and grew. the vine grew so tall that it went into the clouds.

one day the hot guy said lets go see where these vines go. so the family climbed and climbed up the vines. when they finally reached the clouds they came into a land of huge huge iggys. lolz they were all for sale and they could b financed for free for one hundred years. Plus, there were these giants that would deliver them to club penguin FOR FREE! now, the rich pretty lady and the hot guy hugged each otha, bought the biggest iggy on the lot, and with their family they climbed back down the tall tall vines.

today they live in the biggest mansion that club penguin has eva seen. their family has grown to fill this castle too. time for more rare flower pots.


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