Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | May 30, 2008

Being a Green Puffle Pays Off

The Free item is revealed!

I lol so hard when I first logged on to the Club Penguin Test Site a while back. I had no idea that we would get this cool hat one day. For those of u that didnt go there it was so awsome. ur penguin was a green puffle. it was a land of green puffles!!! u were given 20,000 coins to start ur new life as a puff. so of course, if u know me, u probably figured out that the first thing i did was buy a upgraded igloo and decorated it. That took most of my coins. So i went and made many more for that awsome wardrobe of mine. i made some new buddies and then went back to the real cp to tell all my penguin buds bout it. of course with the filters of cp its near impossible to tell someone how to get to anywhere other than somewhere on the island of cp. eventually some of my buddies made their way there and we got to play in our little green puffle bodies. lol we could fly! i saw a cppl of famous ppl while i was there. billy bob was there so i got to say hiya to him! it was an awsome experience. now i can use my red berg buster and tear up some ice!



  1. come join my cpip drill club!

  2. wow! thats so kewl!!!!! 😀 ur so lucky u got to be part of the cpip! i didnt bcuz i didnt know the cpip existed!!! 😦

  3. i got that too! my friend told me about it. the hat is kinda corny though. i expected better than that. oh well at least it’s something. oh and b4 i go check out my blog. the mimi and cmervos show is made already. it’s so funny

  4. I WANT ONE! where did you get it!!! SCREAMS! :*

  5. how do u be a puffel

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