Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | May 10, 2008

I’m a fool. I edited the post below. Be sure to read it!

help me. somebody plz help me. ill annouce iggy contest winner later. help me.sniff cant stop cryin.



  1. ok i will help. And if u dont want to be friends with me im ok with that. But just remember i cried last night cause of clubpenguin lats night kk. Bye!

  2. me too. stained the pillow. idk wat to do. u r my friend. and dont think that will eva change. i just dont know.

  3. um did i miss something? did u two get a “divorce” or something im so confused. i havent been on ur blog in so long cord i swear. still as cool as ever though. whos the iggy winner in confused about that too… ANYWHO OH MY GOODNESS CORD YOULL NEVER BELIEVE IT!!! its too long to put on ur blog so ill email u it . TTYL!


  5. I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL TO DEATH LOVE IT!!!!!! GOSSIP GIRL ROX! its an addiction NO an obsession! 🙂

  6. I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL TO DEATH LOVE IT!!!!!! GOSSIP GIRL ROX! its an addiction NO an obsession! 🙂 o ya and gossip girl is a TV show on CW at eight my time. WATCH IT ITS AMAZING

  7. p.s. bow chicka wow wow chicka wow wow. o ya and for all you ppl who HAVENT SEEN IT FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON. heres a section of it THAT I LOVE:: so theres this frehsman named Jenny and everyone calls her Little J. so she has all these rich friends but shes not “rich” so she needs to find an amazing dress for a party. so when shes in her friends house she walks into this enormous closet with a BUNCH of dresses/clothes/shoes/etc. so she gets a couple of them not knowing yet how much theyre worth. she takes them to a store and basically trades them for a diff. dress that she wants. she later learns that the dresses she stole from the friends closet were her friends moms dresses and that one of them was a Valentino worth like 15,000 dollars. so she goes back to the store and is like trying to get the dress back but the person at the stores like no trade backs blah blah blah so in secret jenny puts the dress on and runs out of the store in secret. so then u hear the narrator saying: the price of fitting in just rose a little bit, but Little J knows that its whats underneath that counts……I LOVE IT!!!! ah. yes fav shows whats the meaning of life without them right?

  8. umm….. im confused! y is cord so sad?????? i’ll help you if i can but i need to know what ur so sad about first!!!! can somebody tell me?… anybody?……

  9. hii hi hi hi hi ppl!!! if u eva see me on cp its not really me. hehe? idk BUT MY FRIENDS KEEP GOING ON MY PENGUIN!!!! sooo wen eva i go on i lose connection U WOULD only know it is me cuz i wil only be goin on THURSDAYS , HOLIDAYS AND ON PARTIES!!!! soo if u see me any 0tha day b sure 2 let me know and i will tell them 2 stop!!! [its so annoyin]!!!

  10. i can help i just NEED to know whats goin on first! c ya

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