Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | April 30, 2008

Cordially’s Chronicles

What Did You Do on Club Penguin Last Night? Here’s what I had fun doing…..

4-30-08 i saw bluumoo, laxgirl, meridoll, purple, and mimi. purple came on as mimi and we had our special date. we got all dressed formal and went to have pizza. we had a rough time gettin our personal time together so we ran away to anotha server where we continued our date semi alone. we took a walk afta pizza and ended up at the ice rink where purple/mimi got all itchy so we changed clothes and went surfin. then we went to mimi’s iggy and got comfy. we talked some more and purple sang me this song he made up while he played the guitar. it was vry romantic. when i asked if he felt lucky he got all antsy and it was late anyway so we mwa and logged off. course this made some of my otha friends mad, and im srry. i missed u guys i hope i see u tonight.
4-29-08 didnt get to stay on line long due to ballet. but purple came on line and we went to our iggy with junckymuncky (our kid). Purple carried me ova the threshold and fainted when he saw that i had bought him a new peas for a wedding present. he of course gave me my favorite flowers, buttercups! bluumoo2 came ova and was amazed at everything she missed. she wishes i had waited to have a more planned wedding so she could come. I would like to have a proper church wedding so mayb we can do that one day. meridoll, care, and luna came to visit. we all stayed busy with ju (purple jr). Children r so much work! nobody wanted to c me go but time had slipped away. i was able to come bac on line later and blue was there actin crzy as usual. jeff showed up and made me feel sorta srry for him. idk y. by the way i understand that blue put the baby in the oven after i left. Ouchy!

4-28-08 Saw purple at long last, saw blue, got married! Had a whirlwind party. Purple left. i went home and got our castle ready, then went shopping for a wedding present. i think purple will b surprised.

4-27-08 Well, dawn finally had the nerve to see me face to face. said she was mad at me and deleted me bcuz all i talk bout is purple… which really! give me a break. wat a dum reason to exit ur buddy and i of course talk bout tons more stuff than purple. i ran around the island lookin for silly stuff. found some which i took pictures of. i finally saw rockhopper. messed around with a lot of penguins, nebus, ace544, kittenface, meridoll, junkeymonky, lunalooney, and bunny. lol had a pretty good time.

4-26-08 Well i hung out with a lot of different ppl throughout the day. junkeymonky, meridoll, kittenface, useless, nopala, mcrzycrzy, jeff, mimi, idk tons. i neva did find rockhopper. finally gave up. everbody keeps sayin he wont be here till monday. but, y is his boat here then?

4-25-08 kittenface is still emo. she made up a new word “mer”. i have no idea wat it’s supposed to mean, but i’m sure it’s not good. she didnt want me to talk bout purple, yet i heard bout jeff all night long from her. aparently jeff has a gal now. he showed up but getting him to talk is impossible. ace544 understands me missin purple. thank godness there’s someone to talk to. heatbolt got bac from his trip to dc and he saw he is famous!

4-24-08 i ran into meridoll, george jj, and made friends with anotha juncymonkey, im confused now! saw hanon123s and it was her last day as a member, so sad. bluumoo2 thinks that raz still hearts yani. idk when i saw raz today he just talked bout blue. blue said that dawn deleted her too! wats up with u dawn???

4-23-08 got on line kinda late. wow blues, hs, and i ate some pizza together. wow said that luna was hot. i said luna was luna and she said cord was cord. lol soooo true. I got lonely watchin luna and them cause an uproar so i went to the mine shack. threw 2 snowballs into the sky and just sat there. useless came and i cheered up some. talked to hs some more, she said dawn was on doin an adventure. i miss dawn. i miss purple. its weird. wat did u do yesterday on cp?

4-22-08 im sorry i didn’t get to log on due to ballet. please somebody, um anybody! plz let me know wat happened. i missed u guys. What did you do on club penguin yesterday? 4-21-08 time flew tonight. i hung out with some of my buddies, like junkeymonky, hs, ace, kittenface whos goin emo, supe, lunalooney, bluumoo, yani was on for bout two seconds, laxgirl, and gosh i know im forgettin somebody. we just like talked and danced. it was mostly sorta quiet night. everybody is worried bout dawn exiting me. frankly its not the same without her. o well still savin that spot on the buddy list. missed purple, guess he was 4-20-08 decided to let this chronicles show up for about a week. mimi and i hung out for a while. mimi was a girl today. we talked bout how there’s some penguin sharin btween purple and mimi etc. anyways i knew it was at least two ppl becuz the personalities were so different. so for all u narrow minded penguins. mimi purple and i like to play games. end of story. i hung out with a lot of ppl today acctually. i saw kisasohma and kangle. and guess wat yani was bac on her yani and raz penguin. it was so good to know shes kk. dawn left me a mean comment. she really did exit me. i think she said srry. idk. we ran into each otha but id already excepted a new buddy in her space. when i exited someone to make room for her again she didnt except. i missed purple. please leave me blogs What did u do yesterday on cp?????packin i think he leaves tomorro for florida. hope u have awsome time purple. wat did u do last night on cp?


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