Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | April 19, 2008

Cordially’s Friends Fredsburgers and Lohlabey

Part 3  Fire and Heart

within a few days of meeting fred i was really confused i hearted him and lohlabey now. i was so confused. how did that happen? within a few days i also noticed that if fred logged off lohl logged on, if lohl logged off fred logged on. hmmmm… im not one to let somethin like that go. so i approached fred and told him that i knew he was also lohlabey. of course he would only deny it. but when i asked him if anybody else knew he said “i hope not”. sooo… those were confusin days. i went around singin Torn Between Two Lovers, from Phantom of the Opera. Fred is responsible for all the singin i do on cp now. he used to sing songs to me to commuicate stuff. He likes sorta rap music and its somethin i like but hardly eva listen to. id have to write the songs down and look em up. Funny, but although i always liked the songs i didnt always like wat they said. Once he sang to me the song you used to be the sweetest girl…i got mad at him for callin me trash… i couldn’t help heartin lohl and him at the same time. i thought that fred was my fire and lohl was my heart. One day when fred, prep, and i were in my igloo fred called me a marshmello. then he said prep was the air. i told fred he was my fire and lohl was my  heart. he looked at me and said cord, lohl is ur fire and i am ur heart. afta that day things started to change. fred was right.  i couldnt get outta my head they were the same penguin. and he needed prep since she was air. and i was a marshmello, just a fluffy sweet puff. so basically i walked away from fred bcuz i thought it was the best thing i could do for prep and him. and lohl began to get my heart in more of an uproar.



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