Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | April 15, 2008

Cordially’s Best Friends **** Bluumoo2

Everybody on my buddy list is my bffl. Bluumoo2, Dawn1798, and Preppy808 are three of my bffl that i have spent nearly everyday with since Cordially was born. i wanna tell u bout them. i will start with blue since b is bfor d and p.


I call bluumoo a lot of nick names: blue, or bluu (which im not sure even shows up) and sometimes moo. Her real name is katie (can it really b wrong to tell ur first name?) and she lives in caliafornia. blue has told me some things bout katie, shes rich, has a butler, has at least one sis (who has cancer boo hoo)  and a bro, and she’s a model. She lost someone close to her in Irac which is sad sad sad too. her penguin blue likes to talk which is y she will always b on my buddy list. (i like to talk too in case u couldnt tell) blue tells it like it is which im surprised hasnt gotten her into any trouble until recently when she got band foreva! it really was awful cuz she had just bcome a member. she’s bac now and  she’s the only penguin i know of to have the banned foreva status reversed. idk how she did it, but she talked cp into letting her come bac to cp. luckily for some weird reason i hadnt exited her from my buddy list when i saw she had been banned foreva. shes a brave soul. one time she deleted all her buddies…INCLUDING ME!  idk y she did somethin so drastic but i guess its a good way to clean up ur list. ur real buddies will accept u bac. blue has been heartin razortnt on and off lately. shes heartin him right now and really upset bcuz we havent seen him for a while. hope ur kk raz… shes got two otha penguins that i know bout: katieboblue and i heart raz, she might have some more im not sure

To find out if a penguin has been banned: go to the log on screen and select log on as a different penguin. Put in the penguin’s name that u want to check exactly like they spell it. For a password type somethin at least 7 spaces long. u can type wateva u wanna doesnt matter. if they have been banned a box will come up and tell u for how long. if they havent it will say the password is wrong.



  1. katie?

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