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Have you ever tried to be conceptual? Well, I’m taking a class this summer called Graphic Art. It is using Photoshop on a Mac. lol! First I had to learn to use a Mac. Not as hard as I thought it would be…But, last nights assignment was given and I am to make a “conceptual” picture. Now, that is sort of blowing my mind.

The teacher had us brainstorm by writing down the first 5 things that came to our mind and then thinking about what an article in a magazine about them might be about. (This picture is supposed to be like for a book or magazine)

I wrote:

1. family

2. does Nick have enough to eat?

3. beginnings/endings

4. cyber safety (my platform)

5. I want sleep!

6. filth

7. I want to be creative on this project

The only 2 that I came up for articles for was 2 & 4

2. On the borderline of government benefits

4. keeping safe on the internet

Grrr….Durh I even had to look up the word conceptual to make sure I understood the meaning. I’ve never had to think of art this way before.

Does anybody have any good ideas, I have to have a theme by Wednesday!

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Meeting Time

Reunion Club Penguin Friday 8:00 est BE THERE

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Hi! I’ve been getting some heart warming comments from some of my old friends from Club Penguin suggesting a reunion at 5:00 on Ice Palace this Friday. That would be so much fun! I’m assuming that’s 5:00 EST??? Let me know what you all think and I will do my best to be there! Is that too early for you west coast people? Help!

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Nakey Penguin

Hi Guys,

It’s me…Sadly I dropped my memborship to Club Penguin. I just didn’t seem to get enough time to ever go on and play anymore. I lost all my cool clothes, MY PIGTALES!!!!, my sheep costume, and I can’t even be a Christmas Tree anymore!!! I look like a stupid boy now! I’m left with some silly hats, a couple of pair of shoes, a teeshirt, some aprons, my friendship braclet, some instuments, grrrr…Not much.

I still have all my puffles. A small unadorned iggy. So much is gone. I will miss being a member, but I plan on saving my $6 a month for movies, etc.

It’s so good to hear from you guys every once and awhile and remember those good times we had together. MIIIIIISSSSS UUUUU!!!! HUGS!

Love, Cord

PS I still plan on playing when I can! Don’t give up on me!

Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | February 18, 2011

One of Life’s Finer Pleasures

How good is a ham sandwhich with mustard? Especially when the mustard is Grey Poupon, lol one of life’s finer pleasures. If you’ve never had Grey Poupon, you don’t know what you are missing. It’s like the caviar of mustards.  It’s got a spicey twang to it. It’s expensive, as you can tell from their commercials. But they don’t spend much on their commercials.

I think I’ve seen their commercials for most of my life, and always one of my favorites. But, how does this relate to games you say?

Well, I was thinking that they need to put a commercial on the Super Bowl next year. What if the grey poupon dude was watching the Super Bowl in a limo, while he was just piggin out on a ham sandwhich with grey poupon. Then, the other dude that needs some mustard pulls up and asks for the heaven in a jar. But, as you can see from their commercials there’s not much difference from a commercial done recently and one done in 1988. You gotta love em though!

Pardon me…

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Hi Friends

Hi buddies! I miss you guys. Honestly it’s been forever since I’ve been on Club Penguin. I do miss the ole days when I visited there nightly and got to talk to all my buds. I’m still a member which is rediculous! Why am I paying them $6.00 a month and never even logging on? I think I shall put a stop to that soon. Maybe go back to being a member of Netflix instead. I haven’t watched a movie in the longest time either.

It was really good to hear from Meridoll and JunkyMonkey! I miss ya’ll so much! I’m fine…just too busy to post here or do other things that I’d really like too. I keep telling myself that I’m going to overhaul this blog and make it about all kinds of games that I enjoy playing. But, so far I’ve been too envolved in other things to do it. Perhaps, I will take the time soon to do that. School and homework take up so much of my time!

I want to hear from my buds! How are YOU doing?

Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | December 22, 2010

Great Aunt Anne = Super Close

I’ve never used a followers comments as a post before, but these words from someone called spruit really made me feel blessed. Spruit read my post from October 29, 2009 and wrote me these words about her Great Aunt Anne. Made me wonder if there’s not a Great Aunt Anne in all of our lives. Someone, who’s not quite our age, but means so much to us regardless of something as unimportant as age. Christmas really makes you realize how special family and friends are. What would life be without them?

spruit said 4 hours ago:

Wow – I have a great aunt anne too that I am super close with. She used to live in Niagara Falls but since she has gotten older, she wanted to be closer to us. She is 95 and is still a total spitfire. I 100% respect and adore her.

Some saturday afternoons I will have her over for some homemade soup, or take her out for a glass of wine and treats in town. You can learn SO much from older people and really grow wise from their stories. It is important to cherish everyone you care for in your life because you never know when things will change.

I’m sorry for your loss. It is very reassuring to know she is looking over you now and she left behind a large imprint in your heart. It seems she made a dramatic influence in your life.

Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | October 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary Club Penguin

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Anniversary Club Penguin! Be sure to stop by CP today to get your anniversary hat and join in the celebration. Today marks CP’s 5th anniversary. Every year on October 24 there is a one day celebration to say YEAH! to Club Penguin. There is always a very special rare hat given to all penguins on that day. I’m happy to say I have four of the five hats. I like this years cuz it has some yellow in it! Woot! My favorite color. There’s really lots going on around CP. Since I haven’t been going on as much I’ve missed some important changes and grr….I even missed a pin. 😦 There is a display of penguin art work in the book room. There’s a new old play. But, a cool feather pin that I didn’t have. The storm that always comes for Halloween is on it’s way. And, as usual there’s always fun! Enjoy the party.

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I’m Trying

Still no time to do anything…but I’m trying. So I like Texas Hold Em. It’s on Facebook. Fun, real time, you can chat, bet, and if you are unlucky you can loose a lot like me. So I’ve only had one 4 of a kind. That’s like unheard of for most anybody especially for me. It was awesome. Mostly I just loose chips. But you get some more everyday…so I’m always gonna be rich!

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Fine Tuning

Guess some of you wonder where I’ve been. Wow…sorry. I’ve been so busy lately with school and stuff. Just so much to do! I will try to do better.

While I’ve been divorced from blogging, playing cp, and totaly overwhelmed, I’ve been thinking about things I’d like to do with this blog. Seems like all my online friends are growing up, me too…So, I’d like to sorta change things around on here to make it more tuned to us crazy game playing freaks.

I’d like to make special pages for different games. Starting with my favorites, of course. I’ll still have Club Penguin. But, I want to add Card Games, Facebook Games like Frontierville, Texas Hold Em, Country Life. I’d like to hear from you about your favorite games. So stayed tuned and help me design an improved blog.

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